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Why we love stories but why you shouldn’t fall in love with yours

8 augustus 2017

The whole reason I started this blog, is because this one day I felt the need to write down “My Story”. I published it on here and somehow it appealed to a great deal of people. Because we all love a good story, right?

But when I published “My story” on here, I was acutally trying to make a point with it. (I know, I can be too meta 🤷) In reaction to my story ending up in the newspaper, lots of people sent me their stories. Often pages long, actually mostly pages long… (no offence, still read all of them and love you all for sharing them 😊). A lot of them told me they just felt the need of sharing their story with me, but most of them wanted some form of advice. As the brainless f ck I can be, I replied spontaneously and fulfilled my role as the advisor, I identified myself with some expert life coach and rambled on about these mind tricks you could try and positive thinking clichés I had read about one too many times.

Sure, my story is on here to inspire you. And I do hope it appeals to your inner strength and makes you stop and think about things for a sec. But the inherent point I was making with “My Story” is exactly what the title says. It is my story. The story I tell myself and I have told so many people by now. Which all of us do. We all have our own stories we tell ourselves and we tell others. It is our way to cope with the uncertainty in life. It is what we like to tell ourselves and others to have this idea that we know who we are. It becomes our identity that we feel comfortable with.

You probably kinda feel where I’m going with this by now…


I still have no clue who I am.

And the thing is, I try to let go of the whole idea of finding my true self. Letting go of all of those stories I tell myself all of the time. Which is so f cking hard to do by the way. But it’s the only way. Only then we can free ourselves up to actually act in our lives. And by doing that, we grow.

So as opposed to me being a dumbass and  giving you tons of shitty advice,  maybe I should have replied only that one thing: there are no tricks to finding yourself. Sure I can give you pointers and some good questions to learn a thing or two (like I did in this article). But in general, all I have to say is, stop trying. Let go of finding your identity. Don’t find yourself. Never know who you are. Because that’s what keeps you discovering and forces you to be humble in judging yourself and others.

So again I come to this conclusion you guys have seen on here several times: don’t take yourself and life too seriously. Go out there, play, discover, laugh. I promise, somewhere down the road, you’ll f ck up.  But sometimes you won’t. And ain’t that great?


Before you go off and think about all of  ☝️ , please leave me a reaction. Means a lot! Thank you 🙏


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